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Brimfield Show
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Brimfield Show
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Brimfield Show
Note: The Brimfield Show is comprised of 21 independant venue/field owners. The schedule lists each independant venue and contact info.

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Yankee Cricket B & B. Stay with us! Minutes from Brimfield Antique Shows and Old Sturbridge Village.

General Info


       This year's BSPA flyer with map.

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2015 BSPA Flyer Page 1

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2015 BSPA Flyer Page 2


Show Dates for 2016

May 10-15   July 12 - 17   Sept  6 -11

Photo:  brimfield antiques show summer

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General Information about the Show:

The Brimfield shows operate three times a year during May, July and September and are open for a six day period begining on a Tuesday and ending on a Sunday.  Some operators open all days while others choose to open for just a few days during this period.  The show schedule will provide you with this information.  Please note that the weeks change from year to year so verify the dates on our home page before booking any travel arrangements.  Check Helpful Hints below for more specific details.

Show Times: Look at the show schedule for opening times.  Closing time is officially at sunset, however many dealers close at between 5-6pm based on weather conditions.

VINTAGE TEXTILE SHOW - There is a world class vintage textile show on the Monday before Brimfield.  It is located at the Sturbridge Host Hotel.  For more information, visit their show web site at:

For directions to the Sturbridge Host Hotel, visit their web site at:

Admission & Pre-payment: Some of the shows charge admission.  The fees are typically $5.00.  You can purchase admission tickets at some of the fields on the days and morning prior to their opening.

Cash, Check, or Charge: The Country Bank in Brimfield has an ATM machine located near the town common.  There is an ATM station set up at the New England Motel's Food Court as well.  Dealers prefer cash and will accept checks.  The higher end dealers may accept a charge card.

Photo:  brimfield parking in front of church

Parking:  Off-street parking is available and prices range from $3.00 to $10.00.  Parking is prohibited on the roadside and tow trucks do patrol the area, so park with caution. 

The Brimfield Smartphone APP uses GPS to mark many of the parking areas so you can navigate right to them.


Transportation To and From: There are area Airports listed on our map page and links showing direct flights to the airports. Links to the Airport pages will also let you view ground transportation to the area. Think about it, the Brimfield show is the biggest recycling show in the world. So in keeping with the eco green theme we offer a car pool service that reduces the number of cars coming to the area and tracks the savings in tons of Co2 not entered into our atmosphere. It is a great way to totally enjoy visiting the shows. Click on the logo for details or below the logo to go to the Map page.


Wheelchair Accessibility:  The field owners provide wide enough aisles and entrances for wheelchairs and scooters, however the individual dealers may have tents that are too crowded to maneuver in as they try to bring as much merchandise as possible to the show.  You will be able to view the majority of the items from the aisle.  If you need equipment it is best to bring your own as presently we do not have an establishment in the area to recommend to you to rent this type of equipment. 

Food:  There are food vendors located on all of the fields with a wonderful variety of food items.  There are also a few local restaurants in town where you can sit and enjoy dining.  New England Motel has the largest food court area.  The French fries are incredible!!  Try to grab lunch early (before11:30am) so that you can sit down.  You can check the individual field listings for specialized service available on their fields. The Brimfield Smartphone APP includes the GPS location and photos of many of the food vendors.

Restrooms:  There are portable toilets set up on the fields.  Try to use them right after the cleaning trucks have been there.  The Brimfield Smartphone APP has many of the portable toilet locations marked and GPS allows you to navigate to them or see which ones are closest to you.

Weather:  The weather in New England is very unpredictable.  The shows run rain or shine so come prepared.  Wear good walking shoes and just in case rubbers for rain.  Wear layed clothing, so one can add or take off depending on how cool or warm the weather.  A good sun hat and some sunscreen is suggested, especially for the July shows.

Pets:  Please reconsider before bringing a pet to the show.  Many operators prohibit pets on the fields and will not park a car with a pet.  There have been dog fights, dog bites, and dogs dying in parked cars due to heat.  Small children in strollers intermixed with dogs can also be a dangerous combination. 

Helpful Hints:

  • Download the FREE Brimfield Smartphone APP before you go.  You can browse dealers before you even hit the fields and it provides a lot of useful info once you are there.  GPS technology can lead you right to bathrooms, ATMs, parking food and specific dealers.
  • Arrive early to be sure you find parking.  Fields will fill up fast!  When choosing a parking location, bear in mind how often you plan to bring items back to your car.
  • Bring a tote, backpack or other equipment to carry your purchases.  Wagons or carts are often used for hauling.  The terrain is rugged and items are awkward to carry if you are still shopping.  Porters can be hired throughout Brimfield to help with large items. The phone numbers of some porters are available through the Brimfield Smartphone APP.
  • Cash is the preferred method of payment and will often get you the best price for an itme.
  • If you see something that you can't live without, do not put it down as there may be someone standing behind you that is just waiting to grab it.  You can pay for an item and pick it up on your way back to the car.  Make sure you know where your dealer is located and when they are closing up the booth. 
  • In the Brimfield Smartphone APP you can save locations of items you have purchased including photos and descriptions.  This can make it easy to find your items at the end of the day!
  • If you are a serious collector of specific items, consider wearing a t-shirt that states what you are looking for or at least have cards to hand out with you name, phone, and items wanted.
  • If you plan to return to a particular dealer, be sure to note the name of the show venue/field and the booth number.   Show operators maintain lists of dealers, and only they can distribute dealer information. 
  • In the Brimfield Smartphone APP you have the ability to “Favorite” a dealer you wish to return to. This can be handy as dealers often switch locations or fields from show to show.
  • The show goes on rain or shine.  Be prepared for a change in the weather.  Dress appropriately in layers.  Don't forget comortable shoes and sunscreen, possibly a hat.  rainy times or very hot temperatures may result in a smaller crowd so you may have more bargaining power!
  • Take time to rest and replenish fluids.  A drink of water is, hard to find at the shows.  Bring some with you.
  • Brush up on your negotiation skills.  Most dealers expect you to bargain.  If you feel uncomfortable about this, just ask "what would your best price be on this item?"
  • Looking for something in particular?  Ask a dealer who carries similar items.  Chances are they'll have great recommendations, or even have what your're looking for still packed in a box at their booth. The Brimfield Smartphone APP has a feature to search for items among participating dealers.  If you find a dealer in the app that carries what you are looking for, GPS will help you locate their booth quickly and easily!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions I've received over the ownership of the web site.  The answers represent my personal opinion and should not be construed as an official opinion for the town of Brimfield or the Chamber of Commerce. 

Show Information

Brimfield is considered the largest outdoor antique show in the country.  There are approximately 5000 dealers in 21 different show venues (often referred to as fields).  The show geographically covers one mile on each side of Route 20.  The show runs Tuesday through Sunday 3 times a year in May, July, and September.

There is no central point of contact for the show as it is operated by promoters that lease booth space to dealers from all over the world.  For a list of promoters, please view the show schedule.

Why are there different show opening dates for Brimfield?

There are 21 different showsvenues/fields that make up the "Brimfield Show".  Eighteen of the 21 shows open on Tuesday, with the remainder opening throughout the week.  Opening times vary as well.  Check out the "Show Schedule": section of this website for specific information.  Don't be fooled by an ad for a specific field within Brimfield that may only open for a few days.  The show always runs Tuesday through Sunday.

What days are the best to go to the show?

If you have a particular field that you prefer, you should go to their opening day.  Some of the most popular fields open up on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so don't feel that you have to come on Tuesday or you'll miss everything.  The weekends are busy as well.  Depending upon the weather, Sunday will be open until early afternoon.  You'll get some great "I don't want to pack it" last minute bargains too.

The opening times are listed but not the closing times.  When does the show close each day?

Most of the dealers are closing up around 5 o'clock as they've been up since 4 a.m..  Weather permitting, you can shop as you make your way to your car until sunset.

Which show is the best; May July, or September?

May has the largest attendance.  July has the smallest crowds due to the warmer weather and people taking vacations; however there are still several thousand dealers with all fields open and the best bargains.  September is nearly as large as the May show.

Are there shippers on-site at the show?

Yes, there are on-site shippers to transport your purchases.  A UPS/FED EX dealer is located in the Brimfield Acres North.  L Drew Gerald is at May's Parking lot.  The field owners themselves do not provide shipping.  Several dealers will ship to your home so don't be afraid to ask.  There are often porters that will help you move large items to the shippers or to your cars.

Are there buses that transport people from the hotels to the shows?

No, but what a wonderful idea!  Sorry but if you do not drive you will have to hire someone to get you to the immediate area.  Cab and limo service is available from near by towns, but rates are at premium levels. We have requested state help but that is not an item high on anyones list to date!

Lodging:  I can't find a place to stay.  How early should I book in the future?

You should book 9-12 months in advance.  Most people book for the following year's show when they are checking out from the current shows lodging.  Check out the Brimfield show availablity listing on the home page of this site and the lodging page for contact details.  Remember that listing is for B&B's, but there are hotels and motels in the area also listed under lodging on this website.

Where do you recommend that I stay?

All of the lodging options listed on this website are excellent choices.  If you are booking late, you should look around the Worcester & Springfield areas in Massachusetts as well as the Harford, Connecticut area, which is only about 45 minutes away.  Remember that the Connecticut state line is only 4 minutes south of the Brimfield Commons on Route 19, so B&B's located in connectictut are close by to the show.

Are there any hotels that take pets?

Please check the B&B's, Hotels and Motels listed on this site.  If they are pet friendly it is so noted.

Lost & Found

Contact the Brimfield Police Station at (413) 245-3442


Where can I find dealer X that was there last year?  Is he/she back again?

Unfortunately, there is no central list of dealers.  Your best bet is to locate the field via the show map and then contact that promoter/field owner as they have a list of their dealers.  Next time get a card and note the field name and booth number for future reference.  Most dealers tend to come back to the same booth space.  The Brimfield Smartphone APP is a new and exciting way to help shoppers and dealers connect in a slightly more organized fashion. It is completely independent of the show management and dealers need to choose to participate. App users can “favorite” a dealer to help them find the same dealer at future shows. The list of participating dealers in the app is growing with every show as the word spreads to the dealers. If you find a dealer you love, make sure to tell them they should sign up! For more information about the app, go to

How can I book dealer space?

You need to contact the individual field owners to book space.  Determine from the Show Schedule which field you would like to exhibit in and then call or e-mail that owner with your request.  Please go to the dealer section on the home page for more information.

How do I find out more about the Brimfield Smartphone APP?

Visit for more information on the app including how dealers can sign up. To download the app on your smartphone, just search for “Brimfield” in the Apple App Store or in Google Play for Android devices.

Are there admission fees?  I'ver heard that I can pre-pay.

Some of the shows charge a fee ranging from $5 - $7 on opening day.  Other fields have free admission.  To avoid the rush, some fields offer the ability to pre-pay at the gate the day before or the morning of opening day.  This pre-payment option is definitely worth it. The Brimfield Smartphone APP includes a simple show schedule that includes opening days/times and which fields charge admission.

Will you mail me a brochure/information on the show?

The Chamber of Commerce has this type of information.

Quaboag Chamber 413-283-2418

Sturbridge Chamber 800-628-8379

Typically everything you will find in the brochure is available on this web site.

Which airport should I fly into?

Hartford Connecticut is the closest airport (Bradley International).  It is approximately 35 miles away.  Providence Rhode Island is about 1 1/2 hours away.  Boston airport (Logan) is about 75 miles from the show.  Airfares vary so that may determine your choice.  Presently there are no bus lines that will transport you directly to the shows.  Car rental is in order!

Are there antique shops open year round in Brimfield?

Yes there are shops in Brimfield which are locally owned.  There are several group shops located in Sturbridge which is just 8 miles from Brimfield.  And Putnam, CT. has a large antique center and is located about 25 minutes away.

Can you appraise something for me?

No, it is impossible to be an expert on everything.  Your best bet is to go to and seach for similar items in similar condition and then view the completed auctions to see what the item actually sold for.  Another avenue is to bring it to your local auctioneer or antique dealer for an estimate.  Always get more than one opinion.  If the item is to large to move, take pictures. 

Additional Information:  Should you have additional questions not noted above, please e-mail us at and we will attempt to get your question answered.




































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